Ray Volpe has us ‘Feeling This Way’ with new Subsidia Records release

Ray Volpe is back on Subsidia Records with a melodic dubstep anthem that he is proud to have written, performed, and produced entirely on his own. A single from his upcoming EP, “Feeling This Way” is a balanced blend of melodic and heavy elements that is accompanied by lyrics fit for a self-proclaimed “sad dubstep boy.” “Feeling This Way” starts slow and even incorporates an acoustic guitar in the initial buildup before breaking into melodic bass, at which point Volpe pulls out the rug from under listeners to provide the hard-hitting drops that fans of Volpe and Subsidia alike crave.“Feeling This Way” is Ray Volpe’s third original release of 2021 and his second on Subsidia Records. With several full-length projects already released this year, Excision‘s groundbreaking new label continues to impress and will only get stronger with staples like Volpe on the roster. Featured image: @milknoise/InstagramTags: , ,
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