Merplexit just dropped a massive electro house banger !

Starting in 2009 at the age of 16, the German-born DJ and producer Merplexit recognized his love for electronic music early in life. What started with small DJ gigs and performances later led to music production, large parties and club gigs. Since then he has played regularly around his hometown Speyer and his place of residence – Karlsruhe, Germany.

His newest release comes in the shape of a massive electro house banger caller “Bring The Fire” and from the first play, the electro-house influenced track is indicative of its name; delivering gritty basslines, heavy percussion and sawtooth synths underlying distorted vocal riffs, the track’s energetic sound is made to ignite dance floors.

Great bursts of energy on the drop part, fat layered synth melodies on the break , perfect executed buildups. The song that you are about to listen, it’s quite addictive so i strongly suggest you to get your festival mood on with it (we don’t have outdoor festivals anyways, right?). Press that play button and just embrace the energy and the main stage vibes !

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