Darth Athena just released “Alien Scanner” album and we just love it !

Darth Athena is a stage name by an electronic music producer who currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Darth grew up listening to electronic dance music, movie soundtracks, fantasy soundtracks, darkwave, rave, rock, jazz, rap and R&B music since childhood. His newest album “Alien Scanner” showcase his talent and production skills, bringing you 14 unique and very good produced tunes !

My favorite tune from this album is “Night Rider”, a sublime blend between techno and uplifting electronic music, with a very original vibe and atmosphere.

After 1 minute, the full beat is brought in with the power of making you lose yourself within the music. The mid-section completely cuts out with waves of synths flowing in and out of the music and adding yet another element of drama. ‘Night Rider”’ is everything you could want from a techno tune and is capable of transporting you to the middle of the dancefloor at a techno rave.

The structure of the track makes “Night Rider” flow quite nicely from start till the end, giving the listener the chance to dance, when the smooth groove perfectly combined with the raw bass line are kicking in, but also to take a dreamy break, being surrounded by superb arpeggios and layered pads. Overall, this is quite a unique tune that I strongly suggest you give at least one play below:

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