LION HARRIS and Azetune teamed up to deliver you a new big room banger!

EDM artists LION HARRIS and Azetune teamed up to deliver a smashing new Big Room burner that goes by the name of „In The Ocean“.

The German guys combined a super catchy topline with their energetic and uptempo production and the result is a powerful devastating tune, designed to make a festival crowd go nuts.

Laying the base with pounding beats and thrilling chords, the track builds up towards a massive drop, featuring overwhelming synth stabs that are sure to raise any dancefloor’s temperature. The break part sounds majestic with a superb vocal line and guitar riffs, creating an uplifting state. You will get back on your feet again once the drop comes in and the main bass line perfectly combined with the solid groove will make your speakers cry for help!

Earlier support for their tracks came from artists like Bassjackers, Kevu, HBz and others. Their high energetic melodic banger „In The Ocean“ is out now via PYRO Records.

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