Dancing Astronaut Gives Thanks 2021

Today is Thanksgiving. It’s a time to give thanks for good health, good friends, good family, and, of course, good music. We thought we’d take the time to pay tribute to our favorite parts of dance music culture on this day of thanks, not only for the ones behind the turntables while we get to party, but for the greater dance music culture and its constantly expanding fanbase. This one’s for the producers and performers that put their full hearts and souls into everything they do, the clubs that go all out every night of the week, and the people who live and breathe dance music. Today, we celebrate you. It’s the least we can do.Editor-in-Chief“Now in my ninth year as an Astronaut, I can look back at almost every previous iteration of Dancing Astronaut and it becomes almost impossible to quantify all of the things I am proud of, thankful for, and honored to have taken part in that makes this website run. Giving dance music an authoritative, insightful voice and sharing this platform with millions of readers and ravers across the world is something I am incredibly blessed to get to do. And while writing about music and going to shows professionally certainly checks the ‘very cool job’ box, things have changed immeasurably for all of us since the pandemic. Blogging isn’t the same as it once was, concerts and festivals aren’t what they once were, I am not the same bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, over-alliterating rave kid I was in 2013. What does remain the same, however, is the dedication that the Dancing Astronaut team brings to electronic music. From covering weekly releases to diving in deep with our favorite artists, from uncovering emerging talent to weekly tastemaking playlists, this team bleeds for electronic music day-in and day-out. And while this team may be smaller and more spread out than previous versions of the DA squad, its connectivity, inclusivity, thoughtfulness, and determination remain as strong as ever. To have the opportunity to be associated with this group of dance music diehards, let alone have even a minor role in leading them forward, but mostly to watch them tell the next generation of dance music’s story, makes me more thankful and proud, than I can articulate. This year, I give all thanks to the team that makes this sweaty circus of sirens and wubwubs tick, because without them, I simply don’t know where I’d be.”Social Media Managing Editor“With another year in the books, I want to start this off as always by saying that I’m thankful for Dancing Astronaut. After what felt like a lifetime without concerts, I’m thankful for finally having them back and giving me something to look forward to week in and week out again. Last year, I was thankful for Insomniac Events for getting everyone through the pandemic with virtual events and in 2021, I’m thankful for them once again after experiencing my first EDC Las Vegas. I’m thankful for Swedish House Mafia being back, for Alesso for releasing ‘Somebody To Use,’ and for all of my other favorite artists—including Lane 8, Nurko, Bleu Clair, and Martin Garrix to name a few—who continue to do what they do. In between all of that, I’m constantly reminded of why I’ve stayed with DA for as long as I have and how thankful I am to have such an invaluable platform in dance music. Happy Thanksgiving!”Social Media Coordinator, Staff Writer“I’m thankful for the dance music community as a whole for staying so positive through thick and thin this past year-and-a-half-plus. The sense of community I felt during the isolation of the pandemic via livesteams or drive-in raves was truly the boost of serotonin I think we all needed during trying times. It was remarkable to see an industry pivot at a moment’s notice to adapt to new and unprecedented circumstances in a way I think only dance music could. Lastly, I’m thankful for Dancing Astronaut and everyone I’ve met since joining the team in February. It’s been a true honor and pleasure to be a part of something with genuine influence in the community I love so much. Alright enough with the sappy post, time to dig into some sweet potato casserole!”Managing Editor“This Thanksgiving, I am especially grateful to have had the opportunity to check an item off of my bucket list: attending EDC Las Vegas. I’d hoped to attend the festival since I was introduced to dance music years prior, and this year, I was able to not only go, but to go as press. Although I’ve been a member of the Dancing Astronaut team since 2017 and have sought to attend this festival for nearly five full years, receiving the press credentials still felt surreal.My first festival since COVID-19 cleared dance floors, EDC Las Vegas reminded me of the festival scene’s resiliency and beauty as it concurrently elevated my passion for music journalism to a new height. I am grateful to have a platform that supports the intersection of my two passions—dance music and writing—and that, after all these years, still makes me feel the way I did about dance music when I first heard it nearly a decade ago.”Senior Writer/Editor“This year has been a year of change and adjustment to an ever-evolving ‘new norm’, but overall, it has also been a year of hope and healing. Last year, I rediscovered and reignited my passion for pop, and this year, I have grown to love the more upbeat house music that has pervaded the dance music scene. The music is fun, upbeat, and channels a sense of optimism that I think many are looking for right now. It has been a very difficult few years, and dance music has really made a push to ‘lighten the mood’ in a big way. I have also been completely inspired by the sheer volume and creativity of the music that is now being released, a lot of which was written and produced during quarantine. 
Lastly, I am thankful that live performances are back, employment within the music industry (especially live events) is again on the rise, and people are able to enjoy the music they love in person alongside friends and fellow music lovers. The industry is going through a time of healing and a rebirth, in a way, after all of the event shutdowns. I am thankful that people are able to share their music in a live setting and that the people who power the music and concert industries behind the scenes are able to return to doing what they love.”Staff Writer“I could not be more grateful for the return of live music and the opportunity to reunite with the beautiful community that dance music has always provided me. I’m incredibly thankful that during a time of such isolation, we have only grown stronger.”Tags: , ,
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