Jay Ammo – Still Love (Official Music Video)


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Jay Ammo is back with another visual titled “Still Love”, showing us how happiness sometimes dissolves into heartbreaks and heartaches. This video gets in depth with how fresh love can eventually turn sour if it’s not constantly maintained. Still Love showcases Guyanese singer’s Jay Ammo’s acting skills and his love interest actress Shonna Knowles also and actor Koko Petway, didn’t shy away from his greatness either. The song reminds me of a super glue that you know in the back of your mind will break apart someday no matter the strength. The Still Love song was produced by Mariduhkid and Directed by Elektrohorse. The single is off his last album “Red”. The one question everyone hates to answer after a bad breakup is do you still love him or her-Jay ammo noted he would be lying if he said he didn’t.