LISTEN: Rising Producer Malvae Unleashes New Boundary-Pushing ‘Pursue’ Single

Photo Credit: Colin Darbyshire

Hailing from the Netherlands and nurtured in New Zealand, Malvae, also known as Jim van der Breggen, crafts his avant-garde electronic compositions using a blend of organic samples captured through field recording, synthesized elements, and his own manipulated vocals. His emergence onto the music scene was swift in 2017 with the release of “Haunts Me” featuring Esther Veen, which soared to the viral 50 charts in the USA. For his inaugural album, “Amazonas,” Malvae embarked on a 2000km journey through the Amazon rainforest, harnessing its sounds to raise awareness about its ecological importance. Nearly all the sounds in the album are derived from these recordings, offering a profound auditory journey into the heart of the jungle.

Malvae’s latest endeavors delve into the integration of diverse electronic influences and analog synthesizers. Recently, he unveiled his new live set brimming with unreleased compositions at Amsterdam’s prestigious Melkweg venue, showcasing an evolution in his sonic palette. This performance promises a mesmerizing expedition through a musical landscape where boundaries between nature and electronic artistry blur. This transformative journey finds its apex in Malvae’s latest release, “Pursue,” an invitation for listeners to lose themselves in its boundary-pushing sonic tapestry, encapsulating his innovative approach to music production. Stream the track via Spotify below and be sure to follow Malvae if you’re not already.

Malvae – Pursue | Stream

‘LISTEN: Rising Producer Malvae Unleashes New Boundary-Pushing ‘Pursue’ Single

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