‘Good Thing’ gets refreshed as Zedd releases official remixes from Osrin, Marc Benjamin, and more – Dancing Astronaut

Zedd and Kehlani are getting mileage out of “Good Thing.” The collaborators recently partnered in New York to perform an acoustic rendition of their independent anthem. After sharing video footage from their appearance, Zedd and Kehlani released the live version of “Good Thing.” The natural next step in the continuum of “Good Thing” activity? A remix EP.

Zedd invites Osrin, Marc Benjamin, Grant, and Soulji to put their own idiosyncratic spins on “Good Thing,” and each of the remixers respectively put forth imaginative reworks of the radio-friendly original. Of “Good Thing’s” cast of editors, Benjamin and Soulji are the most intensive in their revisions. Benjamin submits a high-octane, electro powered take; Soulji, a downtempo jaunt with rugged texture.

Photo credit: Nick Walker