ZAXX, Olivera make a ‘Skin Connection’ on Musical Freedom masterpiece

Dancing Astronaut‘s list of the most-anticipated releases of 2022 keeps shrinking, and ZAXX is the now the newest name to take his name off our annual ID tracker. An early version of “Skin Connection” found its way into ZAXX’s “ZAXX & Friends” mix at the start of last year, but it wasn’t until he passed along the final instrumental over to Tiësto—who made it a set staple as he made the rounds at Creamfields, Electric Zoo, EDC Las Vegas, and just about everywhere else on the planet—that he realized he was sitting on a release that would eventually warrant a spot on our forenamed countdown. And “Skin Connection” is now a fitting first release of 2022 for ZAXX, who reunites with Olivera—after “Affliction” in 2018—to give it a lyrical boost on his return to Musical Freedom.ZAXX explained that “Skin Connection” didn’t mean that he was abandoning his bigroom resurgence campaign whatsoever but that it did mark the starting line as to where his music was moving creatively. Classified under a genre he coined as NÜ-TRANCE, “Skin Connection” puts elements of trance, progressive house, and bigroom all under one roof, swapping out the acapella of Billie Eilish’s “ocean eyes” that Tiësto paired it with and adding Olivera’s hauntingly beautiful vocals beside a breakdown that’s deserving of a standing ovation. And even though 2022 hasn’t even crossed its halfway point, “Skin Connection” is guaranteed to make a reappearance come December when it makes the official leap from our most-anticipated releases of 2022 to our top electronic tracks of 2022. Featured image: RukesTags: , ,
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