Above & Beyond’s Jono Grant and Darren Tate join together on ‘ We Find Ourselves’ for new indie side-project, JODA

Jono Grant, one third of one of dance music’s most emblematic trios, Above & Beyond, has combined forces with veteran composer Darren Tate for a brand new indie project called JODA. Harnessing the power of the increasingly repopularized synthwave style, JODA has given way to their first track, “We Find Ourselves” via Anjunabeats.Reportedly inspired in large by 2011’s critically acclaimed soundtrack to Drive, the new track features a supercharged bass line, layered synthwork by way of an ARP Odyssey synthesizer, and blended, atmospheric vocals. Famously used by producer Kavinski, one of the most notable players from the Drive soundtrack, the Odyssey brings forth prominent 1980s retro ambiance that Grant and Tate have honed sweetly in “We Find Ourselves.” First coming together in 2003 for trance outputs “Let The Light Shine In” and “Nocturnal Creatures,” the two discovered a compatible sonic union. Although their paths diverged into the 2000s, come 2019 Grant and Tate reunited as Tate signed new music from his DT8 project onto Above & Beyond’s renowned Anjunabeats imprint. While this was happening, Above & Beyond were working on their first film score for the environmental documentary The Last Glaciers.Now, the veteran production forces have entered an entirely new sonic realm with an indie pairing that is sure to allow them both to explore new territories. Stream JODA’s first track “We Find Ourselves” below.Tags: , , , , ,
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