YOOKiE finally release long-awaited ID, ‘BUBBLE BASS’

If you even remember what riding festival rails is like, chances are you recall hearing YOOKiE‘s strange, deep bass cut “BUBBLE BASS” in sets for some time now. Though the tune has been a favorite amongst YOOKiE fans since it was first played out, the duo held off on releasing the track for what has now seemed like an eternity. Following a laughable teaser posted to YOOKiE’s Twitter account recently, the anxiously awaited ID is finally seeing the light of day.“BUBBLE BASS” opens with a mean mugging trap beat topped with bright, bubbly pops and background vocal chants. A tight buildup quickly follows, which gives way to a crowd-leveling bass drop packed with creative, deep sound design. The second drop only steps further outside the box, capped by an unnerving squelch that, for some reason, is actually quite addictive. The YOOKiE boys have never been ones to shy away from the weird factor, and with “BUBBLE BASS” finally out of the ID vault, one of the group’s stranger cuts is now officially out in the world. Featured image: Oh Dag YoTags: , , , ,
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