Silque call in a sure-fire summer classic on STMPD RCRDS, ‘Dial Tone’

Ever since joining the STMPD RCRDS family in 2018, Dutch house pairing Silque have remained by far and away one of the label’s most citable regulars. After paying homage to the 1986 cult classic film Ferris Buellers Day Off, Silque are fast forwarding back to present day on their second house delicacy of 2021, “Dial Tone.”A full 24 hours hadn’t even passed before Eke Koopman, Freek van der Heide and Jeroen Sjoers fully materialized “Dial Tone.” Continuing to uphold their nostalgic release theme on STMPD RCRDS, considering a good percentage of the current population wouldn’t dare to strike the call button anymore, Silque check off all that’s required in a dual-purpose summer and heartbreak house anthem.Featured image: We Cover ContentTags: ,
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