Years shatters the seven-year wait for progressive house’s holy grail, ‘Bliss’

It actually happened. “Bliss” has been freed. Just like with Swedish House Mafia surprise dropping “It Gets Better” and announcing Paradise Again this past July, reading that previous sentence wasn’t something anyone was reasonably expecting to happen anytime soon, but this isn’t some early, cruel April Fools’ Day joke. We only had a crumb of new information about Years‘ long-awaited ID since mid-2019, with Matisse & Sadko reviving the track’s mashup with “Under Control” in their sets dating back ADE, which makes this release even more jaw-dropping. But Years took matters into his own hands on March 22, shattering his social media silence by simply posting what appeared to be artwork with no caption, with most understandably flooding his comment section with questions of whether or not he was teasing “Bliss.” That’s exactly what he was doing and if its release wasn’t mouthwatering enough, it also comes with the announcement that progressive house’s holy grail serves as the opener to Years’ newly minted imprint, 1937. While there’s still so many questions left to be answered about the story behind “Bliss” and how we got to its out-of-the-blue removal from the lists of our favorite unreleased IDs in both 2021 and 2022, its arrival serendipitously comes almost seven years to the day since Axwell Λ Ingrosso introduced it to a Bayfront Park crowd in the middle of their Ultra 2015 set. And even though it’s been nearly a decade since the birth of the track that had previously been believed to be an Axwell pairing, it’s still overtly self explanatory as to why “Bliss” has so much excitement around it, with Years’ final form holding every single drip of progressive house perfection that it did when we first heard it in Miami, marking his first musical appearance since he linked with Corey James for “Eros” back in 2018. There’s no reason to believe that progressive house is anything other than alive and well in the year of 2022, with Years finally slamming the door shut on one of the most-anticipated releases in recent dance music history and welcoming in a new era of progressive house that he’ll surely do his part in breeding going forward through his own label.Featured image: Years/FacebookTags:
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