Will Sparks turns requested ID into second Revealed Recordings original, ‘HARD’

Debatably the single most requested ID from Hardwell‘s Rebels Never Die tour—of course excluding any productions with his own name attached—has been delivered. Towards the end of September, Will Sparks made his grand entrance to Revealed Recordings with “Annihilate” and just over a month later, he’s been recalled to Hardwell’s imprint for his sophomore label offering, “HARD.”The tour ID that many know to be blended together with the “Don’t You Worry Child” acapella, “HARD” is another fittingly named pairing between Sparks and Revealed. “HARD” was born directly following “Come With Me” out of Sparks’ intention to completely reengineer the “bass stabs” from his August original. And Sparks self describes it as the section of his tracklists that sits above the rest, with “HARD” further enlarging his exploration into a militant, fast-paced composite of bigroom-techno that takes his “sound design to the next level, experimenting with multiple lead patterns and bringing those thick kick and bass tones together. While we wait to see if we receive “Twisted“—Sparks and Hardwell’s unreleased collaboration—on the Rebels Never Die deluxe edition later this month, find out why it remained a fan-favorite part of Hardwell’s sets below.

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