WAVEDASH and Shadient conjoin on raucous experimentation in ‘Tung Tiied’ [Stream]

Leading the forefront of novel bass music, the young forces known as WAVEDASH and Shadient have once again coalesced to bring about their most experimental output yet. The collaboration entitled, “Tung Tiied” marks the third joint effort between the close friends and sophomore release on Gud Vibrations, preceded by “Get Wicked.”

Possessed by raucous energy and enveloped in chaos, “Tung Tiied” manipulates its rhythms and vocal samples into relentless distortion. Stomach-churning sound design and off-kilter beats deliver a heavy thrasher before segueing into a guitar-fueled hymn-like outro—ultimately, making for an interestingly dichotomous composition.

Tung Tied was a song that the guys and I had in the works for ages, maybe around the time we started “Get Wicked”. Much like that song, this was immediately inspiring and all of us got the same excitement we always do when collaborating. I loooove this song,” stated Shadient.