VALORANT recruits Dabin for melodic bass rework of Grabbitz’s ‘Die For You’

Before Dabin unloads the 15-part remix package for Between Broken—which will include his “Alive” versus “Starbright” edit—on July 22, he’s delivering his first piece of new music since his junior album landed back in October of 2021. Dabin has always made his love for gaming known throughout the years and explained that he’d been a supporter of VALORANT since its beta had been released at the start of the pandemic. And after Riot Games-produced game tapped Zedd to rework Grabbitz‘s “Die For You” at the end of 2021, it recruited Dabin for a second remix wind.Even before Dabin’s “Die For You” spin arrived, VALORANT had him perform live as part of the opening ceremony for its French tournament a few weeks prior, with the remix making its debut at the end. Turning the opposite way from Zedd’s electro house-rigged spin, Dabin’s rework puts Grabbitz’s original right under the bass music light, giving it his staple rock-meets-melodic bass touch to bring his love for both dance music and gaming full circle.Featured image: Karel ChladekTags: , ,
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