Valentino Khan triples down on French electro approach with hectic EP single, ‘Division’

Valentino Khan has not truly held back his production vigor in the slightest since the initial disclosure of his French Fried EP. Following the delivery of both “Blackmail” and “Deathproof” in just under a month’s time, the Mad Decent resident has the incoming project’s third piece ready to go with “Division” as the EP’s October 21 due date hastily approaches.“Division” neatly falls in line with its two predecessors and continues to hold its own through Khan’s unique approach on a modern rejuvenation of French electro. Bursting straight into action with a rumbling mid-tempo bassline, and lightly reminiscent of music from none other than one of the genre’s greatest, Gesaffelstein, “Division” places itself amongst the growing list of releases that eventually deserved to be experienced in a live setting. Featured image: RukesTags: , ,
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