Tycho turns in after hours twist on The Knocks and MUNA’s ‘Bodies’

If The Knocks and MUNA captured the summertime sunset in their latest single “Bodies,” then who better to give a late-night twist than the king of colorful crescendos himself, Tycho. The remix picks up in the neon-lit streets of the indie original, but quickly veers off into the signature euphoric dreamstate that’s so often linked to the Tycho’s name. Synths ebb-and-flow between melodic and ambient, not far from Tycho releases from decades ago, but while that distinctive approach took center stage on earlier tracks, it becomes part of the supporting cast here. MUNA’s vocals clearly take the lead, but frankly, so does Tycho’s crisp and punchy percussion, which ultimately keeps the track from sinking into pleasant background music.The new remix of “Bodies” continues Tycho’s hot streak of summer releases, having recently led the official remix pack for the Playstation 4’s Ghost of Tsushima. For even more Tycho, checkout his latest LP, Simulcast, an instrumental companion to 2019’s Weather.Tags: , , , ,
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