TWRK, DJ Sliink – Badinga (Reloaded)

K7’s “Come Baby Come” has been sampled countless times since it was released in 1993, but perhaps none as dance floor ready as TWRK’s 2013 hit “Badinga” named after the original’s iconic opening ‘lyrics.’ Eight years after TWRK did their thing, the Jersey Club legend DJ Sliink takes his swing at reworking the rework. “Badinga (Reloaded)” carries all the same charm and over-the-top energy as its predecessor but Sliink turns the whole enterprise up to 11. More bombastic and boisterous as ever, the Sliink’s Jersey Club fingerprints are all over every element of this production. From the opening beat to the final blaring horn, there’s little respite from an all out onslaught of frenetic dance music. A producer NEVER known for his subtlety or holding back in the studio, “Badinga (Reloaded)” is easily the most rowdy interpretations of the K7 classic and it come at the hands of DJ Sliink, a man not afraid throw haymakers on dance floors around the world — not just in the Tri-State area.Tags: , ,
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