This is your invitation to G Jones, Eprom’s ‘R.A.V.E.’

In case you missed it, an increasing number of dance/electronic acts have been harnessing the sounds of the ’90s rave scene, ranging from Kx5 (“Take Me High“) to The Glitch Mob (“The Flavor“) to G Jones and Eprom, who embraced the ambiance of dance’s earlier days on Acid Disk 2 in May. Now, the Acid Disk burners are back with another whizbang: “R.A.V.E.,” acronymic for “Realizing Alternative Visions for Earth.” This punchy second preview of G Jones’ Illusory Tracks EP feels like it hurtles straight out of a high-intensity clash with an opponent in a video game. Its use of the “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, do it!” sample, popularized by Flosstradamus and TroyBoi‘s “Soundclash” (2015), is a harbinger of the walloping, crunchy breakdowns to come. All in all, “R.A.V.E” isn’t an emotional rollercoaster, though it might, at times, feel like one. It’s a ceaseless flurry of in-your-face sounds that remind listeners of their place: on the edge of their seats, awaiting what’s to come on Illusory Tracks.Stream the answer to Illustory Tracks‘ lead single, “Operator,” below. Featured image: Tyler HillTags: ,
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