These Female "Filthy Beat Inspectors" Are Pushing the Needle In Dubstep Music Blogging

"We didn't have anyone 'showing us the ropes,'" remembers Christina Vessa, who launched the electronic music blog Dubstep FBI just two years ago. 

"It can be intimidating," added Yesenia Vizcaya, Vessa's cofounder. "[As a woman], I felt like I was being held to a higher standard and was having to go through extra hurdles to prove myself." 

It's no secret that the dubstep scene—from its artists and label execs to its managers and engineers—is especially male-dominated. But with Dubstep FBI and the platform it offers, Vessa and Vizcaya are determined to move the needle.

"We often find ourselves being the only women in meetings," Vizcaya said.

The Dubstep FBI team has profiled LAYZ during her tour with Sullivan King, nabbed exclusive mixes by Jinx and Steller, and covered an array of bass music festivals.

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These Female "Filthy Beat Inspectors" Are Pushing the Needle In Dubstep Music Blogging

Christina Vessa and Yesenia Vizcaya are the cofounders of Dubstep FBI, a blog dedicated to showcasing the scene's "most wanted."

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"From interviews to mixes to playlisting and hyping others up on social media, we've grown a community where everyone is valued," Vessa continued.

And most importantly, Dubstep FBI works to positively elevate the scene as a whole, showing underrepresented demographics, like women, just what's possible to achieve within it. Major bass music artists like Boogie T and Bear Grillz have hopped on the air with Vessa and Vizcaya for their Dubstep FBI podcast series

"We've seen these actions radiate into the scene and have established ourselves as a figure where anyone, even up-and-comers, can go to find support, community and mentorship," Vessa gushes.

Check out Dubstep FBI here.