The Wire Meets BMF Tray Chaney Taps Lil Meech and Yung Joc for New Single H.I.M

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Actor and musician Tray Chaney best known for his role as “Poot” on HBO hit series “The Wire” continues to show consistency with his music. For his latest single H.I.M he recruits Lil Meech from hit TV show “BMF” and Yung Joc.


The Wire had an incredible impact on the hip-hop community and BMF is on the verge of doing the same. Tray Chaney combined both fan bases with his single H.I.M. Tray Chaney bridged their separate platforms to help further “H.I.M.”’s success. Tray and Lil Meech provided a great example to old school and new artists on how to support each other. In the song he talks about being relevant in the game for 30 years and has no plans to slow down.


“Been in the game 30 plus years, still consistent. I am HIM there is no competition” Tray Chaney