The First Single Off Getter’s Hotly Anticipated EP Has Arrived: Listen to "BLOOD HARVEST"

Following the cryptic morse code announcement of an upcoming EP called SOME CREATURE, Getter has now unveiled his hotly anticipated record's lead single, "BLOOD HARVEST." 

Kicking off with brass fanfare, "BLOOD HARVEST" is a headbanger's dream, comprised of heavily resonating bass, meticulously layered vocal samples and angsty energy. Fresh and powerful, its innovative sound design is right in line with the wobbly nature of NAPALM, which—according to an exclusive October 2020 interview with—is a direct result of Getter's commitment to making music purely for himself. 

Out May 27th, the track is part of a project that he previously promised would blow NAPALM, its preceding EP, "out of the water." Listen to "BLOOD HARVEST" below.

"I've always tried to keep my discography communal so anyone can listen to anything, but music for me, my music, is just that," Getter said. "Whatever the fuck I wanna make and put out is what I'm going to be doing."

As for the number of tracks included in SOME CREATURE, Getter told us that a total of six felt natural. "I've always felt six is a great number for releases. Not too long, not too short," he told "All the songs blend together as well, so you can leave it playing from the first song and experience it like a full project, or enjoy it piece by piece."