The Chainsmokers’ ‘So Far So Good’ goes lofi

The pitter patter of rain on the rooftop in the middle of the night, the fragrance of fresh-brewed coffee, a hug that lasts exactly as long as you need it to—the feelings that these things elicit can be considered references for So Far So Good (lofi remixes). On the lofi reissue, The Chainsmokers eschew the bubbly indie-pop-meets-electronic sounds of their fourth studio album for something more muted, rife with rhythm, distortion, and low-to-moderate tempos. The seeds that would sow So Far So Good‘s lofi conversion were planted midway through the album making process and owed to their soft spot for the genre, The Chainsmokers said. “We did the first song ‘Something Different’ that day and knew we had to see this through. All 13 records. We had always been obsessed with the lush tones and simple complexity of lofi and just how relaxing the genre has been for us when we were stressed in our lives.”Trailing a handful of deluxe additions made after the LP’s May 13 release, So Far So Good (lofi remixes) drops with the viscous ease of honey. And although The Chainsmokers define the lofi album’s audience as “all the people grinding on midterms or coding all night to just need a break from whatever reality they’re in right now,” it’s also for those who didn’t warm up to So Far So Good. The lofi interpretation—which is familiar yet intensively refashioned and perhaps even more accessible—arrives with a tacit invitation: give it a spin, even (and especially) if So Far So Good wasn’t your speed.Featured image: The Chainsmokers/InstagramTags: , ,
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