ILLENIUM, MAX reunite for ‘Beautiful Creatures’ sequel, ‘Worst Day’

Awake just celebrated its fifth anniversary and the timing couldn’t have been any better for “Beautiful Creatures” to receive the follow-up that it deserved. Just before Labor Day Weekend, ILLENIUM confirmed that he’d be premiering a never-before-heard song from his forthcoming fifth album. And it wasn’t until MAX‘s name popped up in his Twitter replies that led many to believe that the two were about to reunite a half-decade later. Sure enough in the late hours of September 3, ILLENIUM unveiled “Worst Day” to a Chicago audience at North Coast Music Festival, with the single now arriving just over a month later to trail “From The Ashes” with Skylar Grey as the album’s fourth single. “Worst Day” is the ultimate successor to what’s widely regarded as Awake‘s fan-favorite cut, and both ILLENIUM and MAX knew that whatever came next was going to have to be something special in order to somehow unseat it. And while “Worst Day” may need to be digested just a little longer in order to determine whether or not it truly does, the collaboration sees the two hit another goldmine of melodic bass mixed with heart-strung lyricism, building off the synergy from “Beautiful Creatures” with just a touch of magic from “Good Things Fall Apart.” As the clock continues to tick down to ILLENIUM’s untitled next album as well as TRILOGY 2 next June, stream “Worst Day” below.

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