The Chainsmokers fill out deluxe version of ‘So Far So Good’ with Bob Moses on ‘Why Can’t You Wait’

The Chainsmokers‘ family of So Far So Good (Deluxe) additions finds its second member in “Why Can’t You Wait.” A ruminative tack on to the LP—Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall‘s first in three years—”Why Can’t You Wait” gives collaborative color to the deluxe version of the album. So Far So Good‘s extended form took early shape on May 13 with “The Fall,” a joint effort with Ship Wrek that initially built rapport with listeners in its ID stage, when it was formerly known as “Emotions.” Though “The Fall” signaled So Far So Good‘s inaugural inclusion to feature a name other than The Chainsmokers in the credits, it’s not the last, as “Why Can’t You Wait” with Bob Moses indicates.Sonically, “Why Can’t You Wait” feels more of an extended family member than does “The Fall,” albeit not completely removed. Preserving some of the buoyancy heard on other So Far So Good tracklistings and marrying it with the contemplative moodiness of Bob Moses’ vocals, “Why Can’t You Wait” thematically nestles right into the aesthetic frame while offering Taggart his first major vocal reprieve. Until now, Taggart, has singularly shouldered So Far So Good‘s toplines, and though his flourishes can be heard at various points in “Why Can’t You Wait,” The Chainsmokers’ choice to allow Bob Moses to take the lead adds vocal texture to the deluxe version.Stream “Why Can’t You Wait” below.Featured image: The Chainsmokers/InstagramTags: , , ,
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