TEF XL Powers Up For Another Epic Music Video “RNR”

With an earned reputation of the “realest rapper” in the game, TEF XL sparks another uproar with his recent music video for “RNR”. The song was released earlier in April in audio-only version and has amassed over tens of thousands of streams. Now, with the addition of the visuals, “RNR” is bound to be even more popular. 

From the very start, the song appears as an invitation to hear the story of a street entrepreneur’s life, obstacles he has overcome, and blessings he’s gained. The music video perfectly captures the idea, and, using various cinematic techniques to emphasize different emotions, puts the listener right beside TEF in a dark alley as he raps.

TEF XL, aka TEF, is a business executive with deep roots as a hip-hop artist, promoter and social advocate. From Jacksonville, Florida, his music draws inspiration from 80’s and 90’s rap, crafted with modern melodic hints of neo-soul and enveloped in smart and socially conscious lyricism. 

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