Support Local Organizations Fighting Covid-19 By Streaming New American Greed’s Single “Together”

Rock’n’roll group American Greed decided to donate all the proceeds from the streams of their latest work titled “Together” to local organizations struggling with fighting against Covid-19. The song is accompanied by a music video that presents NYC under the lockdown, and the band itself performing their emotional song. “Together” is an indie rock single inspired by a global pandemic outbreak, and it especially suits listening to it during a time when we are all being stuck at our homes, feeling all uncertain, and isolated. American Greed uplifts the audience with their lyrics encouraging us to stay united, and motivated to keep going through this difficult time since we are all in it together. 


About American Greed


American Greed was formed by a long time Drummer for Chuck Berry and Head East, Michael Mesey. Along with Matt Arana, Dave Farver, and Bob Guion who have all Recorded and Toured Nationally. The powerful combination of these 4 artists each brings their own individual uniqueness and writing abilities.