Good Morning Mix: From pipe dream to actuality, JOYRYDE and Habstrakt’s back-to-back set

Over the years, pleas for JOYRYDE and Habstrakt to properly conspire have been incessant. Remarkably, the close allies and well-versed bass house heavyweights have appeared on the same heading all but once: JOYRYDE’s unofficially sanctioned spin on “Chicken Soup” in 2017. A meeting on the musical front was inevitable, and the producers seized the opportunity to cement their link with a conjoining DJ set in May.

Presented as part of BBC Radio 1’s Virtual Big Weekend, JOYRYDE and Habstrakt split the decks for an all-inclusive 60 minutes, wreaking havoc with a wealth of their respective originals, reworks, and exclusive edits. Stretching a total of 36 tracks, the set even included a pair of yet-to-be identified records, presumably setting the stage for an in-person adaptation upon the eventual restoration of live entertainment.

Featured image: Nate Vogel