Subtronics breaks down Cyclops Recordings’ ‘Boot Camp’ compilation, shares label goals [Q&A]

In mid-December, Subtronics launched Cyclops Recordings with a hefty imprint opener: the 19-track compilation LP, Boot Camp. Featuring a wrecking-crew of up-and-coming bass acts such as LEVEL UPLeotrixAl Ross, Akeos, Syzy, and more, Boot Camp provided a platform for more than 20 artists who used the album as the place to showcase their best absorptions of modern bass sound. Not to be overlooked is the label head’s own contributions, manifesting in three new originals, “Tractor Beam,” “Point Breeze,” and “Scream Saver VIP.”Boot Camp can be split into three subdivisions, “High Knees Headquarters,” “Psychedelic Division,” and “Heavy Artillery.” In commemoration of the launch, Subtronics gifted fans and his “Cyclops Army” a brimming drum ‘n’ bass bootleg of TikTok’s viral “Oh No,” which samples The Shangri-Las’ timeless rock classic “Remember (Walking in the Sand).”Dancing Astronaut caught up with Subtronics to gain insight on the inspiration behind Boot Camp and its many facets. Find his latest bootleg, Boot Camp, and the interview below.Can you explain the three sonic subsets on Boot Camp? Were there any major influences for this project?Do you have a favorite track from the compilation?Are there any interesting background stories behind your discovery and subsequent signing of certain songs to Cyclops?Are there any particular artists on the compilation who you feel listeners should be paying special attention to at this current moment?Are you surprised by how popular riddim has gotten? What future do you see with it?How do you feel your own sound has evolved in the past few years?Which track of yours would you want a future fan who has never before heard your music to listen to?Anything special we can look forward to in 2021?Featured image: TraumaShootsTags: , , , , , , , ,
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