Galantis enlist JVKE for summery anthem, ‘Dandelion’

Galantis have always been able to balance the modern electronic sound with broader pop sensibilities, a trait that has helped propel them to headliner status around the world. The duo has worked with everyone from Dolly Parton to OneRepublic, and up next is JVKE, a rising pop force who was discovered en masse due to his viral TikTok hit, “Upside Down.” Galantis explained how the collaboration came together, stating, “Dandelion” sounds like another classic feel-good anthem from Galantis, but the lyrics paint a more somber picture. It’s another resume booster for the super-duo, but it’s a massive step in vocalist JVKE’s bourgeoning career. Moreover, it’s more evidence supporting the emergence of TikTok as a legitimate way for young artists to find footing in the traditional music landscape. Featured image: RukesTags: , , ,
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