Streetwear Brand Neon Cake Launches Official Website

Neon Cake is one of the newcomers of streetwear brands on the market. Operating exclusively online, they offer a wide range of clothing lines at affordable prices. 

Founded by Michael D. Smith, 35 times award-winning creative and Forbes Agency Council member, Neon Cake strives to support individual uniqueness through clothes, celebrating unity through movement, comfort, art, music, dance, and fashion. 

They recently launched their official website, where a wide collection of products are available, as well as tips and tricks on how to customize, cut, and re-shape your clothes into making them stand out, creating unique and timeless pieces. Neon Cake calls it “cutting their pieces of the cake,” and explains the process in details via video tutorials available on their website. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to get yourself a customized tee-shirt or tank top to shine during the festival season!