Slushii Releases Monster New Single "Valhalla" as Part of Monstercat’s SMITE Battle Pass

Following the announcement of super-label Monstercat's massive partnership with popular multiplayer online battle arena game SMITE, famed electronic music producer Slushii has officially released his in-game song, "Valhalla."

With its relentlessly punchy drums, crushing bass, and melodic elements, the roaring dubstep tune serves as the perfect soundtrack for Slushii's unique SMITE skin for the Hades character. The skin, introduced in the exclusive Monstercat SMITE battle pass, transforms Hades into an imposing DJ with two turntables and Monstercat-themed speakers, while "Valhalla" plays in-game.

“When Monstercat and SMITE approached me about this project, I couldn’t have been more excited," said Slushii in a statement. "My fans know how much gaming means to me – I’ve been part of the culture since I was a kid. I knew I had to produce something that would work both in the game and absolutely bang-out at festivals. Can’t wait to share everything happening around this special record.”

Slushii's "Valhalla" joins the ranks of some of the esteemed artist's other music featured in video games, like Rocket League and Beat Saber. "All I Need" was also debuted when Slushii performed at the virtual Fortnite Party Royale and quickly became Monstercat's fastest-growing track to date. 

"Valhalla" is available now for purchase and streaming here. The song can be heard in-game starting tomorrow as a part of Monstercat and SMITE's exclusive battle pass.