Rony Seikaly talks transition from NBA player to DJ, the making of ‘Moonwalk’ [Q&A]

The shift from NBA superstar to club DJ has been anything but easy for Rony Seikaly. Born in Lebanon, Rony Seikaly was one of the first internationally born players to have a significant impact in the NBA. Averaging close to a double-double throughout his 11-year career, Seikaly swiftly became a household name. But now, with his days on the court in the rearview, Seikaly has given a different audience new reason to know his name: his house music production and DJing skills.Rony Seikaly was introduced to disco as a teenager, growing up in the Middle East. He always had a love and passion for the genre, but he was never able to fully explore this interest, owed to the time required to develop his raw athletic ability. But that was then, and this is now, and now looks like Miami, Florida, Seikaly has produced music for 10-plus years—and has plenty to show for it. The former Miami Heat player regularly performs at Club Space, among other tried-and-true live music venues across The Sunshine State and ultimately, the world.On May 6, Rony Seikaly released Moonwalk, his first album since 2012. The 26-song LP doubles as Seikaly’s debut album on his own record label, Stride. Each original on the album has its own fresh, unique sound within the deep-house genre. Always striving to push the house music scene forward, Seikaly has everything from a Michael Jordan tribute to a collaboration with Diddy. Altogether, the eclectic collection that is Moonwalk illustrates Seikaly’s passion for a multi-faceted style of production made by merging commercial sounds with the underground.Stream Moonwalk below.Having given Moonwalk a listen, it’s clear that each track is unique, with a different twist on deep house. How did you choose the direction in which you’d take the 26-track album?Would you say it’s a lot easier to release on your own label versus trying to create a sound for a different label?There are some cross-genre collaborations on the album, with the Venezuelan, Iranian, urban artist Sasha and with Diddy. How did the nature of collaboration differ from artist to artist?How was the transition for you from basketball to becoming a producer and DJ? What was the most unexpected obstacle or adjustment that you had to make?What is your favorite song from the new album?Featured image: Rony Seikaly/ InstagramTags: , , , ,
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