RMA continues rise with ‘All Of My Love’ [Q&A]

It’s clear that some artists are just poised for success, and RMA is among them. The burgeoning German producer has always maintained a prolific release schedule, a trend he’s only ramped up in recent years. Over the past few years, RMA has dropped nearly a dozen singles, capped off by his latest one-off, “All Of My Love.”

RMA’s strengths certainly lie in filling his electro house heaters with feel-good elements, a skill that he utilizes throughout “All Of My Love.” The single opens with upbeat vocals before quickly transitioning into a club-ready party starter, holding true to RMA’s signature sound while expanding into new territory. Dancing Astronaut caught up with RMA to chat about his latest single, influences, and future plans.

Many of your tracks, “All Of My Love” included, have a strong intensity running through them, is that something that you intentionally set out to instill in your songs? How do you go about weaving in that intensity?

RMA: “Yes, that was absolutely intentional! Every time I’m producing new music, it is factored into my process. Once I’ve checked out the vocals, my next step is deciding on the intensity level for the track.”

You dabble in a diverse range of dance subgenres, what do you think is the key to making a powerful dance song while incorporating several different inspirations?

RMA: “When incorporating a mixture of dance subgenres into my tracks, it is really important that all of the elements harmonize with each other, while also delivering the recognizable sound of a RMA track.”

“All Of My Love” is already your fifth single of the year, closely mirroring your prolific release schedule from last year. What are your ambitions for the following year and beyond?

RMA: “I want to keep my focus on producing new music and of course, there will be some exciting new projects too, including new collaborations with interesting artists, remixes, and more.”

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Featured image: Hyp Yerlikaya