REZZ puts signature twist on Melanie Martinez’s ‘Tag You’re It’

Lauded for her originality, REZZ, born Isabelle Rezazadeh, has never been one to go with the grain or piggyback off the ideas of others. Perhaps that’s why the DJ/producer has only released a handful of remixes. With her most notable remake—a spectral and otherworldly reimagining of Porter Robinson‘s “Divinity”—nearly two-years past, it was high-time for a REZZ remix. That, however, is only part of the reason why her new track is so special.

For her latest re-imaginative endeavor, REZZ applies her signature dark, unearthly bass touch to Melanie Martinez’s ‘Tag, You’re It.” Although REZZ thoroughly sprinkles the track with her own sonic trademark, her take on “Tag, You’re It” still allows Martinez’s individuality to shine through, highlighting the complementary nature of their styles. Martinez’s original 2015 track is melodic with a hint of foreboding, the same chilling combo that fans of REZZ know and love. It truly is a match made in heaven, but given both artists’ propensities to channel the sinister through their work, perhaps it’s more fittingly described as a match made in hell.

Listen to the official remix below.

Featured image: Will Selvis