RECAP | Electric Forest 2024 – Rain or Shine The Forest Provides

Electric Forest has become the mecca of camping festivals. Thousands voyage up to the Sherwood Forest every year and every year is as memorable and exciting as the last. This year, Electric Forest saw one of its most stacked lineups in recent memory and to no surprise everyone delivered. But the prominent headline for the festival this week was rain and the evacuations it caused. Although the venue shut down the last two nights, temporarily Saturday for roughly five hours and Sunday permanently for the final few hours, the community and people at forest still made sure to make the most out of an unforgettable weekend.

Before the rain crashed the party Saturday morning, Thursday and Friday were sunny, humid, and exciting. With killer headline sets from Everything Always, Knock2, Nelly Furtado, Ludacris, Wooli and Pretty Lights. The first couple days saw the festival in peak Forest form, with northern Michigan sunsets not coming ‘til 10pm and countless things to see they were the perfect first couple days to get acquainted with and explore the forest.

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One of the standout performances from Thursday (and honestly the entire festival) was Levity and their performance at the Honeycomb stage. Last year, Levity filled in the 7:30 time slot at Honeycomb unexpectedly as attendees when travel complications caused an opening, which ultimately slingshotted them into the success they’ve had the past year, and this year the festival asked them to perform a set in the exact same time slot this year. To perform at the same stage and the same festival on the one year anniversary of the set that started it all is an experience only the Forest could’ve provided. That evening, Levity also got to do a b2b with Robby of Louis The Child, who is brothers with John Hauldren of Levity. Leading to another incredible moment for the group.

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After a remarkable first two days, Saturday morning was when the rain began. I myself woke up around 10:00-10:30 (if you’ve been to Electric Forest you know how great that is with the sun and humidity) to the loud boom of thunder. The rain held for most of the day before parting in the mid-late afternoon. It was a nice shift from the humidity the first couple days. After seeing Kenny Beats at Ranch Arena and part of Juelz at Sherwood Court, the rain came down hard, causing the festival to shut down. With the PA system at each stage looping a message to exit the festival and find shelter, the massive crowd in the forest began a mass exodus. In some cases this could’ve caused a mass panic, but at the forest everyone was calm and cool and fine with what was going on.

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It was awesome to see the festival come together after the rain instead of falling a part. I myself spent some time on one of the shuttles upon exiting, where hilarious conversation ensued with strangers and the bus driver was able to retain an aux cord from a passenger over the speakers and we listened to music while we were sheltering in place. Other people I spoke with talked about how during the rainout they found themselves in Good Life camping where people invited them in to shelter and new friendships were born. It was cool to watch people lift each other up during the rain instead of letting it become a terrible thing. That evening, around midnight the festival opened up to what was probably the most stacked night of the festival. Heavy hitters like Subtronics, LSZEE, John Summit, Sammy Virji, Barclay Crenshaw, LP Giobbi, Major League Djz and others were able to still perform their headlining sets and provide fans with a big finish and a night to remember.

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Sunday was the most beautiful day weather-wise of the festival. After all the rain the high was around 70 degrees, and the sun came out. Levity performed again at The Observatory, and AYYBO, it’s murph, LYNY, Chase & Status and Gigantic NGHTMRE had insane sets as well. That evening though the festival shut down once again around 11, putting an end to the weekend for the main venue. The saviors of the night though were the EVOL Afters stage in the campground. Where Big Gigantic, Levity, Zingara, INZO, Super Future, it’s murph, and AYYBO formed the Afters Avengers and brought people together for one last party to shut the festival down.

All in all, the 2024 edition Electric Forest was one of the most memorable yet. With highs and lows throughout the community overcame it all and made for one of the greatest festival experiences of the year.

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-Written By: JD Scribner

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