Rain Man and OLY bid for summer anthem status with ‘Still Young’

Though the tan lines have long since faded, the same cannot be said about the indelible mark that Rain Man and OLY‘s Sirius XM-embraced “Bring Back The Summer” left on the summer 2016 season. Its lyrical hook a constant refrain on speakers, “Bring Back The Summer” formally emerged as a perfect storm of dance and pop elements on March 4. Just a little over five years to the date of that fateful single’s dispersement, the former Krewella constituent and OLY have reconvened for a justified reunion. “Still Young” is Rain Man and OLY’s fizzy bid for sonic supremacy this summer, and though lightning is said not to strike twice, the single is a reminder that there’s always an exception—and streamers can find it below. Though “Still Young” is far from Rain Man and OLY’s only tie-up following “Bring Back The Summer,” it is their first outing with just each other in the time since. Though the seven Rain Man and OLY-involving collaborations that have trailed “Bring Back The Summer” each included other creatives, namely Disco Fries and Xaia, “Still Young” finds Rain Man and OLY redefining the distinguisher “dynamic duo,” and their magic, still very much alive.Tags: , ,
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