5 Emerging Electro Artists To Check Out This Week

Summer is approaching quickly, so are (hopefully) festivals and raves! Are you wondering who will be the star of this year’s parties? We have some clues.. Actually 5 of them! Check out our list of 5 emerging electro artists who are about to blow-up, and drop some bombs on your playlist!

Ant Antic

Ant Antic is the singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Tobias Koett. Growing up in small-town Austria, Tobias got into music stealing Beatles records from his older brother, trying to learn and sing their songs. Having had the possibility to learn several instruments, he started producing music on his first computer when he was 14, soon releasing songs on MySpace and getting his first radio airplay at the age of 16.

During several depressing years trying to fit in at a mechanical engineering school, he found joy in playing music in an indie rock band and organizing festivals for film and music. The self-doubt induced by a constant feeling of not fitting in laid down the foundation of his songwriting in these years. Having finished school, Tobias moved to Vienna, where he got to work on a project with drummer and producer Marco Kleebauer. Pushing each other to become better producers and songwriters led to a deep friendship – and the foundation of Ant Antic in 2015.


Sophie Lindinger and Marco Kleebauer jointly write, produce and perform under the moniker Leyya since 2014. Their very first releases „Drowning In Youth“ and “Wolves” immediately made waves among the Austrian scene, before „Superego“ eventually got airplay and support by a number of prominent international Radio DJs all across Europe and was featured in global advertisement campaigns.

Leyya established themselves as a great live band at European festivals like Reeperbahn, Eurosonic, The Great Escape, Electronic Beats, Primavera Sound, Sziget, and Iceland Airwaves. In 2017, they won the Radio FM4 Award at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards.

Say Yes Dog

Say Yes Dog’s affinity with being on the road is built into their biography – the trio from Germany and Luxembourg met while studying music in the Netherlands, had already lived in many different places, and now share a common base in Berlin. In recent years, each of them has also developed in other music projects – but they always end up coming together, again and again. “For us, Say Yes Dog is the project where we can work together as friends without having to make personal compromises. We have an unspoken musical agreement, yet we can always influence and inspire each other, so that the band is always organically changing and growing.”

Grand Larsonie

Grand Larsonie is an independent electronic artist from Baltimore, Maryland. Using various alternative electronic styles and soaking them in new influences, Grand Larsonie brings a spirituality-filled take on music that started with the single “River Of Reflection” (2020). Come for a ride, witnessing the magic of Grand Larsonie enter the new age of music with cyclical, mantra-like electronic compositions. Larsonie’s music reflects the human journey like no one else’s, with its experimental sonic constructions and bursting human touch. In 2020, Grand Larsonie released two outstanding albums, Fata Morgana and Divinity. Over the years, he’s co-produced on several small projects, most notably “Iridescence ” with co-collaborator “Furred T”.


COMA’s repertoire occupies an emotionally-driven corner of the electronic music spectrum, where dynamic soundscapes collide with honest lyrics. Fusing a pop sensibility with dance music’s communal properties, the German duo of Georg Conrad and Marius Bubat create music rich in melody and often melancholy. Having initially signed to Cologne’s electronic label Kompakt, COMA may have their roots firmly in the city’s fabled club scene, but their effervescent, groove-tipped synth-pop blurs boundaries and strays outside the lines.