Oliver Tree taps Dillon Francis and grandson for electronic rework of ‘Cash Machine’

Oliver Tree has tapped Dillon Francis and Canadian singer grandson for a remix of his 2019 track, “Cash Machine.” The single is a highlight from Tree’s debut album, Ugly is Beautiful. The remix amplifies key production elements from the original cut, adding deep electronic layers that frame Tree’s punching vocals. On the high-octane new remix, Francis and grandson capture the best of Tree’s original, with an added energetic kick. The pair chop up the vocals on “Cash Machine” to add another sonic dimension after the track’s first break.Ultimately paying homage to Oliver Tree’s inimitable in-your-face style, grandson and Dillon Francis give “Cash Machine” their own electronic spin, further extending the shelf life on one of Tree’s top outings to date. Featured image: Tim MosenfelderTags: , , , , ,
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