Nora En Pure shares melodic new record, ‘Tribe of Kindness’

“Kindness is in us, we carry it with us at all times: A mixture of empathy, affiliation, integration and respect that is ready to use, just like a harmless weapon, at any time, like a card that wasn’t dealt, but given by nature as a treat for wisdom and as a grace of charity.” Thus reads Nora En Pure‘s elucidation on the concept of kindness, shared in tandem with her second original release of the year, “Tribe Of Kindness.” The charming tune exudes motifs of nature in an evocative, complex soundscape. The track’s detailed instrumentals, delicate nature samples, and swift bassline build sinuously and tightly until suddenly, all disassembles into a jovial, euphoric state of dance.

The tune is a meticulous meshing of elements from classical arrangement and melodic electronic dance music, and melodically, “Tribe Of Kindness” is the richest release to come out of the Nora En Pure camp this year. Experience aural bliss by streaming the eloquently produced single and its extended counterpart below.Featured image: @jpeg_eric/InstagramTags: , ,
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