Nicolás Jaar, Dave Harrington release live album under DARKSIDE banner six years later

Nicolás Jaar and Dave Harrington have released a new live album under their dormant but far from forgotten DARKSIDE project. Titled PSYCHIC LIVE JULY 17 2014, the LP gives fans the chance to hear one of DARKSIDE’s final sets, a performance from Belgium’s Dour festival.For the uninitiated, DARKSIDE offer a jammier perspective to the eloquent and sprawling sound palate of Nicolas Jaar. Guitar-laden grooves and a steady trot act as the backbone for the duo’s sound, but are far from defining it given the evocative productions and vivid sonic imagery. The new PSYCHIC LIVE album brings extended takes and rehashed takes from the group’s LP of a similar name, even fleshing out the iconic “Paper Trails” over a hypnotic 11 minutes. Purchase the new LP on Bandcamp, or stream it in full below.DARKSIDE has been defunct since 2014, but the group has a charming and unique catalogue for new listeners. PSYCHIC LIVE JULY 17 2014 is as good of a place to start as any, however, a little bit of digging will uncover the anomaly of Random Access Memories Memories, on which the group members renamed themselves “DAFTSIDE” and remixed the entirety of Daft Punk‘s Grammy winning 2013 LP. The release remains elusive, even until today, but can be streamed on DARKSIDE’s personal Soundcloud. Featured image: Jonathan Lin Tags: , , , ,
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