MUST DIE! shocks the bass scene with first LP in nearly six years, ‘CRISIS VISION’ [Interview]

Longtime innovator within the bass music community MUST DIE! makes a powerful statement with CRISIS VISION, his sophomore LP—and the follow-up to 2014’s Death & Magic—which packs a plethora of rare collaborations and head-turning into its 13 song tracklist. Incorporating elements of dubstep, hardstyle, house, and more, the diverse collection under the CRISIS VISION title head is a reflection of MUST DIE!’s evolution as an artist that raises the bar for creativity in the heavier end of the electronic dance music space. Singles from CRISIS VISION slowly rolled out since 2020, with “NERVE DAMAGE,” “DON’T EVEN BOTHER,” “HELLBURST,” “SORROW TECH,” and “LOL OK” all giving listeners a glimpse into the future of MUST DIE!. The Never Say Die staple has no problem breaking the standard rules of music production, as evidenced by his auspicious and potentially even risky decisions, such as putting a large amount of reverb on the sub bass in “HELLBURST.” But, rules are made to be broken, and MUST DIE! shatters them beautifully, with each single on the album offering a wildly innovative sonic experience that makes CRISIS VISION unlike anything else that is currently out there. Dancing Astronaut spoke with MUST DIE! about his experience during the tumultuous year now in the rearview, Dungeons & Dragons, and, of course, his monumental new album.This is your first full-length LP since 2014’s Death and Magic. What inspired you to make another album?You worked with both Skream and Akeos on “LOL OK.” Can you tell listeners a bit about what it was like to collaborate with them? How do genres outside of dubstep influence your music? It seems like many of your
recent releases have been meshing aspects of hardstyle, house, and more.
Do you have a favorite track from the album? If so, are there any unique stories that you’d like to share
that pertain to it?
How have the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic affected or influenced your production?Outside of music, what have you been doing to keep yourself busy during the last
I’d heard that you are an avid Dungeons & Dragons player. What’s
the funniest thing that’s happened to you in one of your campaigns?
Can you share the story behind the name MUST DIE! for those who are unfamiliar?What upcoming acts, regardless of genre, should electronic music fans be keeping
an eye on?
Any final thoughts you’d like to share?Tags: , , , , , ,
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