Matroda samples Adeva’s classic vocals for new bass house belter, ‘The Movement’

Throughout his career, Matroda has shown time and time again that he can flip any sample into a menacing house track. LMFAO? No problem. Missy Elliot? With a little help from Wax Motif, easy. Now, the burgeoning bass house act is back with another resume-building single.

“The Movement” samples the 1989 track “In and Out of My Life” by Adeva. Earlier in 2020, Solardo and Eli Brown flipped the same vocal sample for their single “My Life.” Solardo and Brown flipped Adeva into a classic style house track, but Matroda takes the sample to a new level. Matroda swarms Adeva’s vocals with breakneck percussive elements underscored by a fiery bass house rhythm, proving once again that the art of sampling is certainly still alive and well.

Featured Image: DJ City