Maddy Allen At Her Very Best On New Single “Flowers”

American artist Maddy Allen is a prolific singer-songwriter who recently released her debut album Welcome To The Cage, a spectacular record that introduced audiences to her unique craft. She returns this month with a new single, “Flowers”, another subtle yet powerful track that carries the signature lyrics and vocals we had first witnessed on Welcome To The Cage

Maddy Allen’s life story is not an easy one; she had to overcome some extremely painful moments in order to get where she is today. The beauty of it is that she is today debuting her career in the music scene, and so far, what we’ve seen is truly impressive and deeply touching. Ranging somewhere between indie and pop, Maddy Allen’s pure talent lies mostly in how she uses her voice, and we can’t help but think of artists like Lana Del Rey when we listen carefully to the way she sings.