longstoryshort is back to his agile tricks—stream ‘I Can Feel’

Exploratory, inventive, kinetic—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sure, the adjectives that could be applied to a description of  longstoryshort‘s digital trail of catalog-bolstering bass house tunes are manifold, but “perfunctory” would assuredly not be among them, as “I Can Feel” affirms. Though the anonymous New Yorker has asserted his bass house authority through a smattering of releases since 2019, rather than tread the same turf, he continues to expand his stylistic footprint, exhibiting the range of different sounds possible in the bass house realm as he wields the subgenre’s dynamism to his advantage. This pattern holds true on “I Can Feel,” longstoryshort’s direct successor to January’s “Dystopia.” Nimble and notably imbued with a futuristic feel, the one-off—longstoryshort’s second of 2021 to date—is light on its toes at the breakdowns, a wispy vocal sample rising like a plume of smoke atop the synths. Polished and ruminative, “I Can Feel” further underscores that longstoryshort has a surplus of tricks up his sleeves, and pulling off yet another perfect 10 is one of them.Tags: ,
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