LISTEN: Kevin Sihwan Wants You to Dance “Tonight”

With the goal of always being unapologetically himself, Kevin Sihwan’s style is an amalgamation of new school and old school. The emerging South Korean producer returns after a brief hiatus with his new single “Tonight” as a self release.

Proudly flying the flag for his home country of South Korea, Kevin Sihwan looks to further establish himself as one of the most in-demand producers stateside and international. You’ll hear the classic big room influence in “Tonight,” yet the quality of production hints at a producer who is embracing modern sound design and a slightly more futuristic style. It’s got a classic Tomorrowland-esque feel to it, conjuring fond festival memories. Sihwan’s goal is to be stress-free, to create without limitation or boundaries. His music reflects that borderline cavalier attitude towards his craft. But this isn’t to be mistaken for lack of focus. It’s the freedom that unleashes his creativity. “I always try experimentation with making new sounds, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of genre and style,” he shared in a press quote. In an industry ripe with imitation, his willingness to challenge the status quo is refreshing and admirable.

I’d rather focus on vibes and making my songs as danceable as possible than making good lyrics. Even if the lyrics are good, if the vibe is not good enough, I’ve found that I can’t play it in my sets anyway.”

– Kevin Sihwan

‘LISTEN: Kevin Sihwan Wants You to Dance “Tonight”

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