LEFTI lifts the curtain on Quincy Boy Records with ‘I Demand’ [Q&A]

With a long list of label appearances to his credit, LEFTI‘s expertise as an ever-sharp signee in the disco house space has been well established. In recent years, the funk arbiter has made his name known via Sakura Music, Mark Knight‘s Toolroom Records, Big Beat, and Nurvous Records, among other imprints. And now, as LEFTI’s artistic footprint expands with the foundation of his very own label, the New York native can add Quincy Boy Records to this roster. Originally conceived as a conduit for the content that LEFTI chose for self-release, Quincy Boy Records will naturally play host to some of the label head’s own originals and collaborations; however, it is also primed to welcome releases from other creatives, who currently include Calo Vance, Sum Bloke, clavette, and Bubs. The curatorial undertaking colorfully commences with LEFTI’s “I Demand,” which finds him taking aim at an effervescent, get-out-of-your-seat aesthetic.In an interview with Dancing Astronaut, LEFTI discusses how “I Demand” sets Quincy Boy Records’ groove in motion, his motivations for establishing the label, and its namesake. Both “I Demand” and the Q&A can be found below.To date, you’ve released music on a variety of different platforms including Toolroom Records, Big Beat, and Nurvous, among others. What motivated you to found your own record label at this point in time as opposed to another? What motivated you to name the label Quincy Boy Records? How does “I Demand” embody what is to come from Quincy Boy Records, and what were your motivations for selecting this single as the debut? How developed is Quincy Boy Record’s roster of new music to be distributed this year; can you tell us about any of the projects that your new label will host? Tags: , , , , , ,
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