Le Youth gives This Never Happened album a fresh perspective with ‘Reminders Remixes’

Le Youth tossed his hat directly into the album of the year conversation earlier this year, and Reminders is now receiving a second wind. With his album tour now turning towards a date with Brooklyn’s Elsewhere on October 15, Le Youth has made his way back to This Never Happened to give his album a fresh perspective, rounding up 13 different producers for the delivery of Reminders Remixed.Reminders Remixed had already begun to gradually roll out in the time following its original June arrival, with both OCULA‘s “Feel Around You” spin and Grigoré’s “If Only (You Could Be Here)” spin lighting the way. And Le Youth took his nostalgia-ingrained LP in an abundance of melodic directions on its repackaged form, with Leossa, Eli & Fur, Jason McMullen, Luzi Tudor—who will join him in Brooklyn—Sam Parker, Brian Kuhn, Zach, Anakim, Black Wands, and Into The Ether all stepping up to the plate to do justice to seven of Reminders‘ original 15 selections and adding to why the album builds a growing case towards being one of 2022’s best long-form efforts.Featured image: Phil NguyenTags: , , , , , , , , , ,
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