Latin influence pervades San Pacho’s latest, ‘Trompeta’

San Pacho‘s statement-making run wasn’t about to stop with May’s “Pride.” After debuting on deadmau5‘s hau5trap label with the one-off on May 6, the Croatian force to be reckoned with can be found stocking streaming queues with his fifth single of 2022. The Latin influence on this new member, “Trompeta,” is evident from the track’s title alone, and altogether, it’s a faithful representation of what streamers can expect with the press of “play.” Replete with the bold, presence-bespeaking sound of mariachi horns, with spry percussion to boot, “Trompeta” extends the culturally inspired elements of 2021’s “La Pasion” and its sister song, “Amor,” released on April 1. It’s another feather in San Pacho’s cap, another club weapon ready for deployment—and it can be streamed in full below.Featured image: San Pacho/FacebookTags: , ,
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